Residential projects

Cost, $
Area, m2
United Kingdom, London, Harrow
421 000 USD - 810 015 USD
EVG is located in the heart of Harrow, surrounded by excellent transport connections and steeped in local history. The plot used to be home to the Kodak factory for 125 years, and now this landmark is creating a modern community.
2 quarter 2023
United Kingdom, London, Hillingdon
448 500 USD - 809 500 USD
HVG is a business class quarter on the territory of the former Nestle factory. There is a landscaped park with children's and sports grounds, running tracks and bike routes.
1 quarter 2022
United Kingdom, London, Royal Docks
496 000 USD - 855 000 USD
RSP is located on the Thames banks and has a direct access to the Royal Wharf Pier. It is a 15-minute walk from the Emirates Royal Docks, a gondola lift with views of the city center and the Greenwich Peninsula.
3 quarter 2023
United Kingdom, London, Tower Hamlets
537 000 USD - 1,07 million USD
The GLH residential complex is located near the Leamouth Peninsula in the Tower Hamlets area. The Thames Clipper River tram takes 15 minutes to Canary Wharf Station, while East India and Canning Town stations are a 15-minute walk away.
2 quarter 2022
United Kingdom, London, Canary Wharf
552 000 USD - 844 567 USD
PSW is located in the picturesque Blackwall area of ​​East London in the Tower Hamlets borough. Blackwall is set next to the Poplar district to the north and the Canary Wharf business area to the south. The complex is surrounded by residential buildings, cozy restaurants and shops, prestigious educational institutions and shady parks.
3 quarter 2022
United Kingdom, London, Newham
573 000 USD - 1,06 million USD
OWF is a residential complex in the Newham area, near the Bow Creek Canal, opposite the Limmo Peninsula Ecological Park. The scheme features views of the Thames and The O2 sports stadium.
3 quarter 2021
United Kingdom, London, Wimbledon
587 000 USD - 1,71 million USD
WGL is located in the Wimbledon area, where the world famous tennis championship is held. The architecture of the area is highlighted by modern luxury residential complexes and club-style houses, which are adjacent to the Victorian mansions. Surrounded by beautiful nature and greenery of large Wimbledon Common and Cannizaro Park, Wimbledon offers a unique country lifestyle.
2 quarter 2021
United Kingdom, London, Tooting Bec
603 850 USD - 1,37 million USD
SPC is located in Southeast London within one of the capital’s highly desirable destinations. A greatly developed infrustructure includes local amenities and excellent transport links to choose from – Tooting Bec Underground, Wandsworth Common and Earlsfield stations are all within easy walking distance.
4 quarter 2022
United Kingdom, London, Canary Wharf
621 000 USD - 2,73 million USD
VTR is mere minutes from Canary Wharf, along with its extensive shopping, cafés and restaurants. Within just a ten-minute walk or just three minutes by bike, you will be among the splendour, events, parks and excitements of this extraordinary neighbourhood.
4 quarter 2022
United Kingdom, London, Newington
799 000 USD - 1,55 million USD
BDC is located in close proximity to central London, a 5-minute walk from Borough tube station, while the newly renovated London Bridge station is a 13-minute walk. Nearby, the Thames Clipper ferry gives a chance to travel up and down the river.
1 quarter 2021
United Kingdom, London, Newington
811 000 USD - 1,57 million USD
BCT is located in close proximity to central London, a 5-minute walk from Borough tube station, while the newly renovated London Bridge station is a 13-minute walk. Nearby, the Thames Clipper ferry gives a chance to travel up and down the river. And, only a 9-minute walk from the famous Borough Market and iconic artistic institutions.
1 quarter 2022
United Kingdom, London, Chiswick High Road
821 000 USD - 2,06 million USD
CGL is situated on the north side of Chiswick High Road, and is close to the A4/M4, providing easy access to Heathrow airport and the M25. Chiswick Park underground station is a 3-minute walk away. For fashionable dining, take your pick of celebrated establishments, including the Ivy cafe, La Trompette, and Buenos Aires. Have a stroll through green parks near the site Turnham Green and Acton Green Common are within a short walk.
1 quarter 2024
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What timeframe is typically required for a property purchase transaction abroad?

Timing depends on the country and the complexity of the transaction, but it usually takes a few months.

What factors influence the choice of property location abroad?

Location factors may include availability of infrastructure, proximity to the sea or mountains, tax policies of the region, etc.

What are the costs associated with owning property abroad, other than buying it?

In addition to the purchase price, there may be costs for taxes, utilities, property management, maintenance and repairs.

How to assess the rental yield potential of property abroad?

Rental yields depend on location, property type and market conditions. Analysing similar rental rates will help to assess the potential.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying ready-made property compared to building from scratch?

Buying a ready-made property may be quicker and more convenient, but building from scratch allows you to create a home according to your wants and needs.

What are the prospects for property value growth in different countries?

Forecasts of property value growth depend on many factors, including the economic situation, supply and demand in the market, infrastructure and others. Country-specific analyses are necessary.

How to ensure the safety of property investments abroad?

It is important to conduct detailed market research, co-operate with reliable agents and lawyers, and keep abreast of changes in legislation.

What documents and permits are required to buy property abroad?

Documents and requirements may vary, but usually include a passport, visa or residence permit.

What factors affect the price of property abroad?

Price depends on location, type of property, area, market situation and other factors.

What taxes and obligations are associated with owning property abroad?

Taxes and obligations can vary greatly from country to country. Usually include property tax, rental income tax, etc.

What are the advantages of renting property abroad?

Renting a property can provide a stable income as well as the ability to use the property while you are away.

What factors should be considered when choosing a country for property investment?

It is important to consider investment objectives, market stability, property acquisition laws and tax obligations.