Commercial projects

Cost, $
Area, m2
UAE, Dubai, Business Bay
265 000 USD - 3,81 million USD
PLF is a conceptually planned residential complex located in the Business Bay area, offering residents a unique combination of modern urban rhythm in one of Dubai's most desirable areas and an exclusive canal-side lifestyle.
2 quarter 2026
UAE, Sharjah, Aljada
1,07 million USD - 1,51 million USD
CBD is the new commercial center of Sharjah, The district is strategically located within the Aljada Master plan which has excellent connectivity with Dubai, Sharjah city center, and northern emirates, with direct access to airport road and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed road.
2 quarter 2025
GO Burj Khalifa
UAE, Dubai, Downtown Dubai
Burj Khalifa
10,61 million USD
This full floor office is currently in shell and core conditions allowing to customize the design to various requirements. Size - 564 m2. Price: $10,618,311. 360-degree views over Dubai.
1 quarter 2010
What timeframe is typically required for a property purchase transaction abroad?

Timing depends on the country and the complexity of the transaction, but it usually takes a few months.

What factors influence the choice of property location abroad?

Location factors may include availability of infrastructure, proximity to the sea or mountains, tax policies of the region, etc.

What are the costs associated with owning property abroad, other than buying it?

In addition to the purchase price, there may be costs for taxes, utilities, property management, maintenance and repairs.

How to assess the rental yield potential of property abroad?

Rental yields depend on location, property type and market conditions. Analysing similar rental rates will help to assess the potential.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying ready-made property compared to building from scratch?

Buying a ready-made property may be quicker and more convenient, but building from scratch allows you to create a home according to your wants and needs.

What are the prospects for property value growth in different countries?

Forecasts of property value growth depend on many factors, including the economic situation, supply and demand in the market, infrastructure and others. Country-specific analyses are necessary.

How to ensure the safety of property investments abroad?

It is important to conduct detailed market research, co-operate with reliable agents and lawyers, and keep abreast of changes in legislation.

What documents and permits are required to buy property abroad?

Documents and requirements may vary, but usually include a passport, visa or residence permit.

What factors affect the price of property abroad?

Price depends on location, type of property, area, market situation and other factors.

What taxes and obligations are associated with owning property abroad?

Taxes and obligations can vary greatly from country to country. Usually include property tax, rental income tax, etc.

What are the advantages of renting property abroad?

Renting a property can provide a stable income as well as the ability to use the property while you are away.

What factors should be considered when choosing a country for property investment?

It is important to consider investment objectives, market stability, property acquisition laws and tax obligations.