Citizenship of Grenada

Citizenship of Grenada

Investments from
220 000 USD
The Grenada citizenship program has been in place since 1997 and allows participants to obtain a second passport in exchange for investment.
General information
Program type
Receipt period
3-6 months
Compulsory visit or residence in the country
Visiting the country to take biometrics
Number of visa-free countries
Visa-free entry to the Schengen area
Visa-free entry to the USA
Visa-free entry to Australia
Family members

Investor (over 18 years old, no criminal record, legal income, no serious illness)


Children under 30 (totally dependent on investor financially)

Parents of the spouse (fully financially dependent on investor)

Brothers and sisters of the spouses (over 18, unmarried, without children)

Joining new family members
The right to permanent residence, study and work in the EU
State recognition of second citizenship
Amount of investment
220 000 USD
Investment options
Cost per person
278 270 USD
Costs for 4 people (Spouses, child 8 years old, child 14 years old)
290 620 USD
Term of ownership of the investment object
Return on investment
Conditions for acquiring tax residency
Funding option
The documents
Type of documents
Document validity period